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What is International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)?


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International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) is a program developed by the Alabama Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).  The course is designed to compliment the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course delivered to Physicians.  ITLS teaches a system of assessment that makes critical interventions during the primary survey to correct threats to airway, respirations, and circulation. The system teaches the "ABC's" while  incorporating advanced airway maneuvers, cricothyrotomy, chest decompression, and IV therapy. The basics such as spinal immobilization, oxygen therapy, basic airway maneuvers, and extrication methods are also taught.  The course utilizes lecture and hands on teaching. Practical skills stations and scenario stations are utilized to allow students the opportunity to perfect the skills needed to assess, treat, and package trauma patients.


There is, however an ITLS course especially for BLS personnel such as First Responders, EMT-B's, etc.  It emphasizes the same assessment ideology as Advanced ITLS and is an excellent course for BLS personnel.


The ITLS Access course provides EMS crews and first responders with the training they need to utilize tools commonly carried on an ambulance or first responder unit to reach entrapped patients and conduct stabilization and extrication.


Pediatric ITLS deals specifically with trauma to children. Children are not little adults and this course emphasizes the difference in anatomy, physiology, and treatment of pediatric trauma patients.


Military ITLS offers a custom edition of a stand-alone military edition text, edited by a military surgeon. The scenarios are military based and cater to military personnel. The 2nd edition of the ITLS Military provider  manual is in development and is expected to be released in late summer 2013. It will correspond  to the 7th  edition ITLS provider manual.